England’s Top Players for Euro 2021

European Championship is one of the most exciting football events, and everyone is looking forward to the spectacle and the opportunity to support their favorite team. Even though the European championship had to be postponed for the year 2021, we can still discuss team line ups and get hyped up for the upcoming competition. Furthermore, this does not mean there aren’t plenty of other competitions to keep us occupied and entertained. If you want to place bets and enjoy sports you can always look out for current bonus codes

Given how England is one of the most popular teams out there, it can be fun to discuss what their line-up for Euro 2021 will look like. So let’s go over some of their top stars at the moment.   

Jadon Sancho

Jadon is a 20-year old wing player who left a remarkable impression on both fans and opponents. He is quick on his feet, makes amazing assists, and can also score with precision. Sancho currently plays for Borussia Dortmund, and even though the team as a whole, has been performing great lately, he really stood above the rest. We also had a chance to see him shine for the national team, and we hope we will get to enjoy more of his skills in Euro 2021.  

Mason Mount

Mason is a midfielder that a lot of people are hoping to see as England’s squad member in 2021. He belongs to the group of young players at Chelsea, and much like Sancho he is a cut above the rest. Even though his defensive plays could use some polish, he is overall a valuable asset to the game and can contribute greatly when his team needs to score.    

Jordan Henderson and Trent Alexander Arnold

Liverpool is one of the most popular teams in the entire world, and it also boasts a few homegrown superstars, like Jordan and Trent. Jordan Henderson has been one of Liverpool’s top tier players and even though there was a lot of criticism flying his way, he always proves them wrong. He scores in crucial moments, he is an exceptional team leader and he has a lot of experience.

Trent is an amazing right back and impressed everyone over and over with his plays. He has amazing defensive skills, and his assistance was a crucial component to scoring on numerous occasions. Trent clearly has a bright future ahead of him and everyone is looking forward to seeing how he develops.   

Mason Greenwood

Mason is a young striker from Manchester United, and given his sheer speed and power, it’s highly unlikely we won’t be seeing him in the line-up for Euro 2021. He still has room to grow and refine his skills of course, so he might be a substitute in the upcoming competition but time will tell.   

Bukayo Saka

One of the players who got his moment in the spotlight recently, due to his teammates’ injuries at Arsenal. He has never been picked to play for England but with 2021 this might change. During his limited time on the field he has demonstrated amazing dribbling and passing skills, he rarely lost a ball, he scored two goals and provided valuable assistance for four, all in the course of just six games.