3 Things You Should Know About the English Premier League

Many football fans are about as passionate as you can expect. Some are borderline violent, but sometimes things can get out of hand if you’ve had one or five drinks too many. Football fans often know a lot about the sport, but given how many things there are which you can learn, about almost anything, you can’t really hope to know it all.

The English Premier League is one of the most popular top-tier leagues in the world. It is played in England and some of its clubs have fans all over the world. Even with that, there are minute details which you may not know about the Premier League. Here are 3 interesting details which you might not have known about the Premier League.

Acting Careers Instead of Football

While football can be a tough sport, with brain trauma, broken ankles and legs, not to mention serious injuries from bad falls, what you often see during a game is simple acting. Yes, football players can be drama queens, but with a specific reason. One foul here and there can equate to an opportunity to score, especially when in the penalty area or anywhere on the opposing team’s half. The Premier League has its fair share of actors. Some wars are won with honor, others with a different kind of approach.

Stoppage Time – A Chance For Success

This is not unique to the Premier League, but it is definitely interesting from the standpoint of American sports. Imagine if this were to take place in the largest American leagues like the NBA. People would lose their minds if the timer were to go past its due numbers.

In football, however, stoppage time is common and it makes for some of the most interesting and intense moments. Some teams, the ones who have everything to lose, will play their hearts out in those last couple of minutes. Others, who have to gain from the status quo, will stall and not even make a play, just pass the ball around among players. Stoppage time in the Premier League can be extremely entertaining from time to time.

One Referee to Silence Them All

In some sports, referees have more or less power over players. In all sports, however, they get to decide which point goes to whom and why, in case there is an objective argument, of course.

In football, however, referees have an almost godlike status. Remember all those star players who tend to whine from time to time. Well, once they make a foul, they too have to listen to a referee’s talk, often a lecture on what not to do and how not to behave. Referees in football can make an argument disappear with a wave of their hands, as well as the offenders if they go too far.

The Premier League is a very popular and eventful league of football, played by the top English football clubs. It has its own quirks and these are but some of them.