What Do People Bet on the Most?

Horse races, car races, football, basketball, golf, and a plethora of others bring millions and millions of people together. It is not just the love for the sport itself, it is also the chance to place bets on sports and to read more about your favorite sports, games and matching which you can do here. We have figured out what sports most interest your average bettor. Here they are.


People love (and we do mean love) soccer. This is easily the most popular sport on the planet. Interestingly enough, it is not particularly popular in the US, due to the fact that the US doesn’t have exceptional teams when compared to the rest of the world. The only exception to this is the Women’s League, which is still going strong in the global ranking.

The thing about soccer is that it offers several types of bets, and every betting parlor (especially those in Europe) follows at least one soccer match at any given time. Popular leagues fans like to bet on are FIFA, Bundesliga, and UEFA. It is one of the most basic and well-known team sports, which is why it’s on the top of our list.


So, how ‘bout them Knicks? Second only to baseball when it comes to the American market, basketball is also one of those team sports that practically everyone played as a child. Many countries have integrated the game of throwing a ball into a hoop into their culture.

The best-known basketball league is, by far, the NBA, due to the global coverage of all things American. They also have another popular league, the NCAA, which features college basketball stars. Europe, along with Africa, favors FIBA leagues. Australia and New Zealand love NBL, and you know that Aussies just adore betting on sports.


As weird as it sounds, tennis doesn’t have a single easily-recognizable league. There were attempts in the past to make the leagues, but all leagues either faded away or were turned into tours. People enjoy betting on the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup, as well as the four Grand Slams. It is difficult not to get invested since the world’s top players are constantly competing against each other and there is certainly a show to behold.


You may be surprised, but cricket isn’t only present on the British Isles. The Brits have taken their culture to their colonies, which is why the sport is very popular in Australia and, get this, India. That’s right, India can’t get enough of cricket. Though the country legally allows only betting on horse racing, there is a huge underground world of betting on cricket.

Cricket is also very popular in the UAE and Pakistan. In fact, they have their own leagues. The top cricket league you are likely to come across are the Ramadan T20 Cup, the Etisalat Sixes T20 Tournament, the National Cricket League in Bangladesh, and Indian Cricket League.


Scotland, Australia, Denmark, England, and the USA have all had a chance to prove themselves on the green. It is a very popular sport, though not as popular as soccer and basketball, due to the fact that it requires expensive equipment and time. Like tennis, it also has its fair share of Open tournaments, and the most popular league, by far, is the PGA Tour. Consider Tiger Woods, Jack Niklaus, and Andrew Palmer.