How Soccer Varies in Different Parts of the World

Soccer is the most popular sport ever, and it is played all around the globe. Although FIFA officials do their best to preserve a unified soccer identity by making sure that the rules are the same everywhere, they cannot affect the style which is spread in different parts of the world.

It is actually something that makes soccer a beautiful sport. In the same way Renaissance paintings differ from those produced by Cubism followers, playstyles make soccer a magnificent form of art with every player being an artist on their own. This artistry of theirs can come in handy when there are millions of people whose passion for betting goes beyond any hobby – this is why, for example, many sports betting Canada websites offer great tips and bonuses that keep their passion alive.

Some parts of the world where soccer plays a vital role in everyday life of almost every citizen have developed styles which are so unique that changed the game forever and for better. Read on!

The Brave Englishmen

The type of soccer style exercised on the Island is usually considered the most dynamic one. English soccer fans adore dedication and don’t like whiny players. The first player that comes to mind of many people when the English style of playing soccer is mentioned is Wayne Rooney. He was one of those players who gained respect because of his stubborn persistence.

The Cunning Italians

The Italians adapt manner of playing football by changing the tempo of the game as they see fit in order to gain an advantage. If slowing it down to boredom is an effective tactic, the Italians would not hesitate to do so. Furthermore, they can speed things up so much that the opponents often don’t notice the forwards coming through. Filippo “Pippo” Inzaghi would be a great example of a typical Italian forward.

The Playful South Americans

Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and other Latin American countries are often a synonym for soccer. Each has its unique playstyle, but if we were to choose a single word to describe the type of soccer played in South America, that would definitely be playful. They reinvented soccer tactics, introducing playful dribbles and feints that made European defenders dizzy.

The Calculable Germans

Next to Brazilians, the Germans are the most successful World Cup team ever. The secret weapon of die Mannschaft is their cutting-edge tactics where each player follows assigned roles 100%. This often proved to be an impenetrable wall for many other national teams that crossed swords with the Germans.

The Unpredictable Spaniards

The Spanish soccer tactics known as tiki-taka revolutionized the way players pass the ball. Their style consists of hundreds of passes within a single match, leaving no player useless throughout the game. The ball is always moving, and the players are frequently changing positions so as to confuse the opponents.

The Innovative Dutch

The Dutch were the first to try playing soccer in a different way, and not following the standard tactics and styles. After successfully implementing the Total Football tactic, everything changed for the better for this team. Nowadays, they are the main nation to push the boundaries in soccer and come up with very unusual playing styles, some of them being pretty successful, while others not being so fruitful.